Who are we building Context for?

We want to help digital professionals who are dealing with data on a daily basis. Professionals who, just like us, are accountable for a set of product and marketing KPIs to help run their business.

Marketing teams

Add relevant context to your day-to-day

Context allows marketing folks to stay up-to-date with the latest events affecting their brand and how certain actions have impacted business, helping them tweak and adjust their plan as needed.

Product teams

Better tracking of product releases

Product teams have to constantly deliver value to their customers. With Context, they can keep track of everything that’s released to production that affects their products’ main KPIs.

Development teams

Spend less time reporting

With Context, anyone can simply log in to view what's going live to production, and when. Development teams can spend more time producing high-quality code instead of answering endless reporting emails.

Top management

Get a 360º vision around your business

Stay informed about everything affecting your business, including key initiatives. Dig deeper if you want to know more.

Digital consultants

Better communicate with your customers

With Context, integrate yourself into their communication workflows by staying up-to-date and informed about their latest code deployments to production.

Customer success teams

Understand your customer experience

Provide your customers a top-notch customer experience when talking to them, by having all the information you need about your product, development and marketing activities.