Join us in Barcelona

We´re looking for smart students in BCN to build a SaaS product together.

We’re a small digital consultancy firm building Context MVP from scratch and we’re looking for smart students in BCN to help us build a SaaS product together.

Get in touch if you are a student passionate about technology & user interfaces design and would like to do your internship working on a real SaaS project from scratch.

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José Miguel Tejera Farias
Integral Designer
Master in Design & Product Development (ELISAVA)

"Working with Iñaki and Jaume was a great experience for me in many levels.

In the professional experience it was eyes opening in many different ways, like learning the process of web design and how to properly build a site, also they were really good teachers in the things that I didn’t know how it worked.

In the personal experience they are two of the most kind, thoughtful and brilliant people I meet in Barcelona, also you can see the passion they have for what they do and how much they like it.

Without a doubt I’ll love to work with them again and I completely recommend it to anyone else that is thinking to collaborate with them.

Thank you Iñaki and Jaume, you two make my stay in Barcelona great."