Connect Context with Bitbucket in 2 minutes and automatically get your deploys in your Context reports

Login to Context and access your organization

We're still in private beta mode. So, if you didn't make it up to this stage, feel free to request free early access for our public beta. Coming soon...

Activate Bitbucket as an event source

Go to the "Event sources" section and activate Bitbucket.

context - Bitbucket - 01

Copy the URL you have in the Bitbucket webhook modal

Once you activate Bitbucket just copy the URL we provide you:

context - Bitbucket - 02

Go to your Bitbucket repository settings and click on Webhooks

Acces Bitbucket and go to your Webhooks section withing the repository settings:

context - Bitbucket - 03

Add a new Webhook

Click on the big "Add webhook" blue call-to-action:

context - Bitbucket - 04

Configure the Webhook

Add a relevant name to the webhook in the "Title" field and paste the URL you copied in Context Bitbucket webhook modal in the "URL" field

context - Bitbucket - 05

And you are done. See all your deploys in Context reports

Forget about manually logging another important deploy in any of your reports.

context - Bitbucket - 06